0.18a (0ba7269) - April 17. 2022
Gameplay + Add a main menu screen + Selection of areas you can now pick is based on your progression + Add invulnerability frames for dodge animation + Add controller support + The game now has a way to track progress, check out save.json + World generation is now smarter when picking areas to place Graphical + Add smooth transition between scenes + Add parallax effect to the main menu Technical + Add config file (config.json) + Add save file (save.json) + Add output logfile (game.log) and option to toggle it + Split lightning in to two render passes. One for shadows cast by box2d objects and one for light up items and the area around the character + Add metadata for spawn rate and max occurrences to area editor + Use area editor metadata for world generation + Migrate to libGDX 1.10, and Kotlin 1.6.20 + Improve performance with render passes + Save config on quit + Improvements to the logfile + Refactor core game modules, remove setup step in favour of using init { } as this solves issues with setup being called twice in some cases Bugfix + Fix scaling when resizing after light and shadow framebuffers has rendered, you can now resize the game and maintain the correct aspect ratio Other + Main menu soundtrack + Update damage taken sound + Add presentation module (PowerPoint)
0.17a (e6833f3) - January 20. 2022
Gameplay + Add grace area for monster spawning (player will spawn outside aggro range) Graphical + Add box2dlights for shadows and lighting effects + You can click [L] to toggle lighting effects + Removed all old pre generated areas and made new ones + Update key binding info (bottom left screen) Technical + Created a typesafe asset manager + Migrated all assets over to the asset manager + Improved the area editor with a new tag system that works with the new asset manager + General refactoring Bugfix + Fixed some issues with assets not being loaded correctly
0.16a (badf60a) - January 9. 2022
Gameplay + You can now dodge through monsters + Reduce loading time when generating an area (its now 20-30 times faster) + Add music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio to the game + Add sounds for attack, dodge, zombies, footsteps and explosions + Increase dodge animation length Graphical Technical + System for lazy loading sounds and music + Directional sounds based on camera position for mono audio + Change when the screen clears when drawing gfx + Clean up logging and add a profiler to aggregate timed calls Bugfix + Fix bug in animation system that caused initial movement + Fix bug that cause state to be triggered twice in animation system
0.15a (1a192c6) - January 3. 2022
Gameplay + Rework camera. Camera now follows the player smoothly. + Add boss fight with screen-wide health bar. + Numbers of monsters / mini bosses displayed in the level select screen now corresponds with monsters in the game world. + Add bounds for game world. Graphical + Add new graphic for hexagon tiles. + Add bleak forest tileset. + Add fire based boss tileset. + Rework shadows (now circles instead of mirroring sprite shape). + New graphics for trees. + New graphics for road tiles. Technical + Detach game loop from render speed. Use frame delta for all logic instead of fixed frames per second. Game now runs at the same speed independent of FPS. + Add virtual camera system to keep track of camera movements and calculations. Allows for multiple camera styles. + Remove unused forrest tiles from editor. Add bleak background to editor. + Better tile visualization. Scales with size. + Update visualization of worldgen. + Bezier implementation. + Delta for graphic velocity. Bugfix + Fix scaling of mouse pointer when changing the camera zoom. + Update movement speed for loot pickup.